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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I wish I could see you more clearly...

 Sunglasses:Ginatricot,, Blouse&Shorts:H&M, Necklace:Cubus
Photos: by me

The Spanish phrase "Cada persona es un mundo" that is Spanish for "Every person is a world unto herself" is a phrase that is forever going to be imprinted in the deepest parts of my brain, heart and soul. I have my mother to thank for that. She used to consoled me with these words whenever I would asked of her to explain something unexplainable. Remembering these words has done me good. At the same time I fear that I might give up easily when I feel disappointed. 
I know that we all see things differently, our points of view and our actions are in many cases unexplainable and I know I shouldn't spend my life trying to figure out things. I come to think that its not our inability or ability to communicate with one another that is the biggest problems. Our inability to put our desires, fears, believes, goals and feelings in order is our biggest problem. I wonder if the task of getting to know a person is automatically set up to fail? Can you really know and understand someone only by spending enough time with them?  

Anyways... I  was really feeling my self with this look. My hair was looking sleek. And the breeziness of the outfit made me feel extremely sexy. I love wearing outfits like this one. Even though I love showing my curves with a tight outfit. I prefer a look like this a hundred times over. Now that I think about it I wish that I could tell you that I was going on a date that day. Because its been a while. 

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  1. so cute look!

  2. stunning! love the pop of leopard

  3. so amazing;]]

    i invite to me too

  4. Hey Amanda,

    I just love this look! Those shorts are just so cute! Thanks for sharing,


  5. Simple and pretty, I really like your hair too!! xx

  6. You look so gorgeous. I am a big fan of animal print and you nailed it

  7. Cute heels! xx


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